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Double glazing has become widely popular in countries like Australia, New Zealand, US and UK. Many companies are in the business which has led to fierce competition further resulting in competitive pricing. Each company is trying to lure the prospective buyers through getting sales leads.

Sales lead refers to potential buyers of the service. Companies interact with leads through telephone, emails, advertisements or third-parties. But in recent times, the Internet has turned out to be the best medium to contact the leads. However, contacting through the internet doesn't mean merely sending a mail to the followers. The increase in competition has forced the think tanks of these organizations to implement new ideas. Offering free quotes to the prospective customers is one such strategy.


How to get free quotes?

Since the market is competitive, every company tries to lure the customers by offering free quotes. It is very easy to get quotes from a company. The procedure is very simple:

  • Firstly, if you are planning to install some double glazing doors and windows you can enquire on the website of the company you like.
  • The Second step involves filling up a simple online form. Here the company gathers your information and takes note of your requirement.
  • Then the company contacts the local contractors and shares your information with them.
  • The contractors contact you personally and visit the site to give free quotes as and when you like.


The free double glazing​ quotes offered by the companies is a good facility and is of great help to the customers.

  • It helps the potential buyers in decision making.
  • Customers can select from a wide range of colors, shape and styles according to their personal preference.
  • They can install a sample and actually see how it will look before it is actually implemented.


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